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Saadiyat Public Beach


A meditative yoga session is what you need to find your inner calm with stroll along the white sandy shorelines Saadiyat Public Beach offers you a perfect setting for an everyday retreat.

Saadiyat Public Beach occupies a prime location within the Saadiyat Beach District. Fully managed by BAKE, a beach-specialised operator, the Saadiyat Public Beach provides a laidback, leisure-oriented lifestyle for both residents and visitors alike, offering a host of sport and recreational activities in an unparalleled beach setting.

The friendly and dedicated staff delivers the best attention to detail and best possible service to accompany this memorable beach setting. There are beach yoga classes to ensure guests’ bodies and minds stay in shape along with eco-friendly water sports activities such as windsurfing and sailing. The Beach Café offers food and beverages with over forty covers and can accommodate more than one hundred guests for corporate and private events.

To make guests’ beach experience as enjoyable and relaxing as possible, there are showers and changing rooms, together with sun loungers, towels and lockers for rent.

Saadiyat Public Beach at a glance :

  • Eco-friendly water sports activities such as windsurfing and sailing
  • Weekly beach yoga classes
  • Over 300 sun loungers available on the beach
  • Towel and locker rental service
  • Showers and changing rooms
  • Retail shop
  • Beach café
  • Opening hours: 8 a.m.- till sunset
  • 200 car parking spaces within easy walking

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