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Your Environment

Saadiyat is home to an abundance of marine life, rare birds and wildlife – in fact, there have been regular sightings of sand gazelles on Saadiyat Beach Golf Club’s course and dolphins frolicking in Saadiyat’s pristine waters.

To make sure that the island’s environment remains intact, TDIC has put into place strict sustainable guidelines for all of its projects on Saadiyat. These guidelines are also implemented on its developments across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

  • Saadiyat Beach

    Saadiyat Beach is a natural beach that supports remnant coastal dune vegetation. This vegetation grows without any irrigation, living on moisture from infrequent rainfall and heavy fogs experienced on the island.

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  • Saadiyat Nature

    Master Planning of the island has incorporated designs to reduce impacts to key island habitats, namely mangrove and wetland areas, as well as the Saadiyat Beach dune ecosystem.

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