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As parents, one of the most important things you can provide for your child is a top-quality education so that when it’s time for them to join the wider society; they will have all the tools they need to succeed. To ensure your child receives the best education they deserve, Saadiyat has several world-class institutions that you can choose from - from pre-school to university – that guarantee to offer them well-rounded experiences through tailored curriculums, specialised facilities, and highly-qualified staff and faculty members. 

  • Redwood Nursery

    Redwood Saadiyat Nursery features indoor and outdoor space and house a music room, areas for arts and crafts, well-resourced library, media centre, technology room, and a gymnasium for sports.

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    Redwood Nursery
  • Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

    An elite sister campus, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, is currently built over seven hectares of land. In addition to the broad academic curriculum, which puts emphasis on the individual, the daily routine will offer a wealth of opportunities which will allow students to explore their full range of talents.

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    Cranleigh Abu Dhabi
  • New York University
    Abu Dhabi

    New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) is the first university campus on Saadiyat. Based on a partnership with New York University, this liberal arts and science university is a world class educational institution that is fully supported by a leading US research university.

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    New York University   Abu Dhabi