Saadiyat Beach Villas

Saadiyat Beach Villas, located on Saadiyat Beach, is an elite residential community offering a wide range of modern and sophisticated facilities which live up to the island’s promise of first-class living. 

  • The development’s infrastructure is 95 per cent complete. Construction of phase one villas is progressing and handover will begin from April 2012.
  • Final interior fit out and common area landscaping will be completed with handover of villas. The development of the Saadiyat Beach Villas was subject to Environmental Impact Assessment as part of the Saadiyat-wide development and approved by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi.
  • The development is subject to strict environmental monitoring during construction to prevent pollution reaching environmental assets such as Saadiyat Beach and Dune Protection Zone.
  • This ensures that the natural assets in the vicinity of the villas are preserved for future enjoyment.

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Saadiyat Beach Show Villas and Sales Centre

  • This collection of show villas gives an insight into the future Saadiyat Beach Villas community and opened to the public in April 2011. 
  • TDIC awarded its landscape project for Saadiyat Beach Show Villas and Sales Centre to Citiscape and Valley Crest.
  • Landscape themes will complement different villa types, and include optional features such as fountains, pools, decorative walls, shade structures and outdoor kitchens. 
  • Saadiyat Beach Show Villas and Sales Centre incorporates 10 showcase villas in a range of different sizes, finishes and styles.
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