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It’s nesting season on Saadiyat!

Nesting season has returned to Saadiyat! Soon, there’ll be sightings of endangered Hawksbill turtles making their way to the Dune Protection Zone to lay their eggs and three months later, baby turtles making their way back to the sea to continue this amazing cycle.

Once nests, which can contain between 90 and 100 eggs, are identified, they will be sealed off and watched closely by TDIC’s Environmental Services department.

To help encourage the turtles to continue nesting on Saadiyat, TDIC has placed strict guidelines during this period. These include reducing night lighting to aid baby turtles' orientation towards the sea; nests are logged and avoided by beach maintenance crews, and all beach furniture is moved off the beach at night.

TDIC also requests its residents on Saadiyat Beach to help ensure the continuation and safety of the turtles' nesting activities by asking them to switch off outdoor lights when they are not outside, close their curtains at night to minimise light spill, refrain from going to the beach after dark and avoid turtle tracks so they can be recorded by TDIC’s Environmental Services team.