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Giving back to Saadiyat’s environment

Every day, Saadiyat residents and visitors get to not only enjoy its diverse offerings, but also regular sightings of sand gazelles, dolphins and more – making Saadiyat an unbeatable destination for creating unforgettable memories!

To make sure that it remains viable for both land and marine life, regular environment events are organised on Saadiyat ranging from school visits, to the annual Clean Up UAE drive and relocating dune plants - which only protects the dunes, but also enhances the areas endangered Hawksbill turtles use to nest on Saadiyat!

TDIC’s Environmental Services team is even called on to help rescue sickly Hawksbill turtles that are found on Saadiyat Beach with barnacles attached to their shells.

We’re proud of our natural wonders, and will continue to make sure that our island remains a pristine and ideal location for all types of wildlife!