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Louvre Abu Dhabi

Translating the spirit of openness and dialogue of cultures

About The Architect

Louvre Abu Dhabi will be housed in a building designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Jean Nouvel. Its first key principle highlights the museum structure as a metaphor of the traditional Arabic souk, with small shaded passages. The second key principle is the protection of this museum, where the pedestrian areas and the nested artworks are roofed by a large dome.

“I wanted this building to mirror a protected territory that belongs to the Arab world and this geography.”
Jean Nouvel


Louvre Abu Dhabi’s dome combines traditional key elements within Islamic and Arabic architecture, as well as modern components. The geometric lace dome was inspired by the interlaced palm leaves traditionally used as roofing material in the UAE, which results in an enchanting ’rain of light’ effect. It is 180 metres in diameter and features approximately 7000 tonnes of steel, supported by only four concrete piers.

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Louvre Abu Dhabi will display works of historical, cultural and sociological significance from ancient times to the contemporary era and will encompass 9,200 square metres of art galleries.

The Permanent Gallery will take the visitor through a universal journey from the most ancient to contemporary, through artworks from different civilizations. The Temporary Gallery will be a dedicated space presenting exhibitions of international standards. It will be enriched by loans from many notable French museums including Musee du Louvre, Musee d'Orsay and Centre Pompidou.

Born of an intergovernmental agreement between the UAE and France in 2007, Louvre Abu Dhabi will be the first universal museum in the Arab World translating the spirit of openness and dialogue of cultures. It will also be one of the premier cultural institutions located in the heart of the Saadiyat Cultural District that are unprecedented in scale and scope.

About the Progress

  • Louvre Abu Dhabi Construction Progress

  • First universal museum in the Arab world
  • Designed by Pritzer-Prize winning architect Jean Nouvel.
  • Partners - Agence France-Museums and Musee du Louvre.
  • 9200 sq. m of galleries for permanent displays
  • 2000 sq. m reserved for temporary exhibitions
  • Louvre dome is 180 metres in diameter and features approximately 7000 tonnes of steel, supported  by only four concrete piers

Facts to know about the Louvre Abu Dhabi

  • The geometric lace dome was inspired by the interlaced palm leaves traditionally used as roofing material in the UAE
  • Louvre dome is 180 metres in diameter with approximately 7000 tons of steel by only four concrete piers
  • The roof’s complex pattern is the result of the same geometric design, repeated at various sizes and angles in eight different layers.
  • The roof has four external and four internal layers, which is an arrangement that gives the dome a lattice-like and delicate form, reflecting the country’s constant contention with shade and light.
  • The museum’s roof perforations allow daylight without excess solar gain
  • Maximum number of workers on dome at any time: 800
  • Number of cladding levels to be installed: 8 – four above and four below
  • Number of ‘stars’ that will be a part of the cladding design: 8,000
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