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Redwood Nursery

A great environment for little ones

Located in the Saadiyat Beach District, Redwood Saadiyat Nursery will be the first nursery school on the island as Saadiyat becomes home to more residents. It accommodates up to 140 children and provides the highest possible standards of educational and recreational facilities for pre-schoolers.

Redwood Saadiyat Nursery features indoor and outdoor space and house a music room, areas for arts and crafts, well-resourced library, media centre, technology room, and a gymnasium for sports. The nursery also has a sandpit, an area where children can grow vegetables and a mini-city that will teach them the ins and outs of living in a cosmopolitan setting.

The design of the nursery has been developed with attention to environmental sustainability and most importantly in order to create safe and healthy atmosphere in which the children can broaden their learning abilities and expand their horizons. The nursery follows the Montessori method, which is an educational approach that was developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori in 1897.

Redwood Saadiyat Nursery delivers a wide range of learning experiences, all led by highly qualified practitioners. The curriculum includes English, French, and Arabic as standard. An extra-curricular programme will offer activities such as drama, cooking, yoga, karate, ballet, music, and languages such as Chinese, Italian and Spanish.

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Redwood Nursery at a glance :

  • A total of 1,500 square metres of space with a 500-square-metre building.
  • Teaches English, French, and Arabic as standard
  • Can accommodate up to 140 children
  • A safe and healthy atmosphere for children to learn and develop
  • Main focus on the Montessori Method of teaching
  • An extra-curricular programme covering drama, cooking, yoga, karate, ballet, music, Chinese, Italian and Spanish

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